Exploring the most notable wins at American casinos

Easy StreetEven though the casino provides us with great entertainment, it’s really all about winning! Landing a mega jackpot, your lucky number or beating the dealer is what makes playing so good but, as we know, it doesn’t always happen. However, that unpredictability makes for the excitement and thrill of playing. But, even if you haven’t had that bit of luck yet, others have.

Here we will run down some of the biggest and most notable winners at American casinos over the years.

Megabucks machine breaks the record

The biggest jackpot ever unsurprisingly comes from Vegas. A 25-year old man from LA, who wishes to remain anonymous, managed to secure a massive $39,710,826.36 from a $100 spin on the Megabucks machine back in 2003.

Wheel Of Fortune

Prior to that, cocktail waitress Cynthia Jay-Brennan held the record for the biggest payout in the city when she landed just under $35m from the same game. However, in tragic circumstances she was left paralysed just six weeks later because of a drunk driver, in an incident that also killed her sister.

Lightning strikes twice

We all dream of one win that would land life-changing money, but two? No chance. Well, if you thought that, you’d be wrong. Back in 1989, World War II vet Elmer Sherwin won $4.6m at the Mirage on the famous strip, not long after it had opened.

Fast-forward to 2005 at 92-years old, Sherwin was back for more. He visited the Cannery Casino & Hotel in Vegas because he had a feeling that a machine they had was lucky. He was right, and left with the whopping $21,147,947 jackpot. Although, to his credit, Sherwin donated a lot of his second winnings to victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The man who broke Atlantic City

Going away from the slots, the next notable winner in America was Don Johnson, known as the man who broke Atlantic City. He was a high roller, and managed to win $15m over a few months at the biggest casinos in the city.

Atlantic City

They included winning $6m from Tropicana, $5m from The Borgata and $4m from Caesars. Taking such money from the casinos seriously impacted their profits at a time when the economy was suffering. And, after his win, two of the casinos would place serious restrictions on his betting, while Caesars effectively banned him from playing with them at all!

A nice start to the day

A little change of plan can go a very long way. For Johanna Heundl, her decision to head for a quick spin on the slots on her way to breakfast would end up making her $22.6m.

Once again, it was the Megabucks slot that paid out the astronomical amount. After looking away for a moment, Heundl was shocked to see all the bonuses lined up and the life-changing jackpot was hers.

Putting everything on the line

This may not have been the biggest win in the history of American casinos, but it’s certainly one of the most notable. Ashley Revell and his friends had spoken about what it would be like to put everything you had on one spin of the roulette wheel, much like something out of the movies. Little did they know that the 32-year-old from London would actually do that.

After gathering his savings, selling his BMW car, Rolex watch and any other valuable possessions, Revell had accumulated nearly $135,000 and was ready to place his bet. Despite initial troubles getting places to accept the wager, the Plaza Hotel & Casino agreed to his terms, and even broadcast the spin live.

Roulette and Chips

With just the clothes on his back to his name, the Englishman was unsure on whether to go for red or black. Following advice from supporters he eventually settled on red. Thankfully, the lucky red number seven came up, and he walked away with $270,000.

That concludes some of the biggest wins in American casinos over the years, and there are countless other major wins that could’ve been included too! So, why can’t it be you? With a range of great casino games available at New Jersey Online Casinos, you might not be far away from adding yourself to that lucky list!