Five celebrities who love to gamble

Whether you’re heading out to the casino looking glamorous or loading up New Jersey Online Casinos through your phone, gambling is great fun. The thrill of the spin, the unpredictability of the next card and the potential for big wins ensure that people from all walks of life love a game.

Therefore, it’s inevitable that celebrities do too, although there are some who enjoy it a lot more than others. Here we will give a rundown of five of the biggest American gamblers out there. From actors to athletes these guys all enjoy playing the odds.

Ben Affleck

Perhaps best known for his role as Batman, actor Ben Affleck is also a keen gambler. Very keen, in fact. So much so, he was banned from a Vegas casino after he was deemed to be ‘too good’ at blackjack, a story which the actor confirmed.

After becoming a blackjack fanatic, Affleck studied the game intensely and recorded regular wins, prompting suspicion that he was counting cards. Previously, he had also been known to play poker to a very high standard and won the 2004 California State Poker Championship, landing over $350,000 for that win alone.


Rapper Nelly has produced many memorable tracks over the years, and featured in various films. However, away from his busy career the Texas-born star enjoys hitting the poker tables and has played in high profile events at the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

In 2009 he played at various WSOP tables and visited Monte Carlo for the European Tour. Yet, his wild lifestyle and gambling habits have led to speculation, suggested by an ex-manager, that he is suffering with financial problems.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather needs no introduction when it comes to his ability in the boxing ring, nor does his extravagant spending. Not one to shy away from publicity, the undefeated fighter regularly showcases his wealth on his social media platforms.

They include sharing some of his bets. For instance, recently Mayweather revealed to his Twitter followers that he “just made $25,000 in 30 minutes. The retired life”, courtesy of the Atlanta Falcons. And, that was a very small bet by his standards, which often run into seven figures.

John Daly

Whether he was winning majors, wearing colorful clothes or behaving unpredictably, it’s fair to say John Daly wasn’t the stereotypical golfer. His maverick nature also impacted his personal life, with publicized battles with alcohol and gambling.

In an ESPN documentary, Daly revealed the extent of his ways. He had gained $45m but lost an astonishing $98m through gambling during his career. That included throwing $55,000 worth of casino winnings off a bridge – because his wife was annoying him!

Michael Phelps

At the Rio Games in 2016, Michael Phelps became the most decorated Olympian of all time. ‘The Flying Fish’ holds countless world records and will be forever remembered for his sporting prowess. Although, away from swimming, Phelps has a passion for poker, which he says helps him unwind.

He hit the news for all the wrong reasons when arrested for DUI after an eight-hour casino session in 2014 and is believed to regularly play online games.

Of course, there are many more celebrities out there who seek the excitement that only the casino can provide. And, you can experience that with NJOC, with classics like blackjack, roulette and poker all available from our range of terrific casinos. Even though you might not have the same bankroll as the stars, you can still have fun!