Five dream destinations for casino players

Whether you load up a NJOC game through your device, or head out to the local casino, the fun and thrill is always there. From blackjack to roulette and poker to slots, there are many ways to get your gaming fix. However, there are some casino destinations that will make your overall experience even better.

Here we will look at five of the best locations for casino fans around.

Las Vegas

We’ll start with the obvious one. Las Vegas is the number one place for gambling and has deservedly built a reputation across the world as the place to be. Over 42 million people visited Sin City last year, contributing to the $6.4bn gaming revenue that was generated along the famous strip.

Downtown Las Vegas

Essentially, Vegas has everything you could dream of; it’s the entertainment capital of the world and that spreads beyond the casinos. You may find some of the biggest boxing events in the world, MMA bouts, live singers, and comedians. Whatever you want, Vegas will have it.

As for the casinos, some of the biggest belong to the amazing hotels along the strip. The Mirage, Bellagio and Caesars Palace are three of the finest places around, suitable for the high rollers. Alternatively, smaller casinos can be found towards the end of the strip, which makes Vegas accessible for everyone.

If you want bright lights, a party lifestyle, entertainment everywhere and all the casino games you could wish for, then there’s nowhere better than Vegas!

Atlantic City

In its pomp, Atlantic City would rival Vegas as the place to be. On the opposite side of the country, it was dubbed the ‘gambling capital of the East Coast’ and provided players with an equally impressive range of entertainment choices along with the casinos.

The iconic boardwalk offered the perfect setting for visitors to enjoy a weekend break and take in the bars, casinos and hotels that were lined up. Yet, over the years Atlantic City had begun to fall behind Vegas for tourists.

Some casinos were forced to shut and revenues eventually began to dwindle after decades of record profits. However, that doesn’t stop Atlantic City still being one of the finest places in the world for gamblers. With a deep history, planned renovations, legendary venues such as Caesars, Bally’s and Golden Nugget, the glory days might just be returning to this excellent gambling city.


We go away from America for our next ideal gambling destination, to a Chinese territory that borders mainland China and is situated near Hong Kong. Of course, we are on about Macau. For those that don’t know, this area has become something of a gambling hotspot.

So much so, that gambling revenues even surpassed Vegas from 2007 and have since continued to dwarf those in Sin City. In 2013, revenues peaked at an astonishing $45bn, although a significant decrease has arrived since. Yet, it remains the main source of income for the island, making up around 50% of the economy, with many visitors arriving from China.

As you would expect, there’s also high focus on quality entertainment. Macau shares similarity with Vegas in that bright lights, live performances and bars are common across the island, with The Sands Macau styled on life in Nevada. Plus, with the Venetian Casino Resort, Macau boasts the biggest resort in the world! You won’t fail to be impressed with what’s on offer.

Monte Carlo

Next, we head to Europe and Monte Carlo which is one of the most elegant and stylish locations for gamblers across the globe. Based in Monaco, where almost one in three of the residents are millionaires, the “Casino de Monte-Carlo” will attract serious spenders who are attracted to the lavish lifestyle and chance to mix it with big players.

Casino at Monte CarloT
The casino at Monte Carlo

To demonstrate this point, several James Bond films have been played out in this casino, which gives you an idea of what to expect! Inside, the décor is equally as impressive. With large rooms, chandeliers and grand designs you really will be living the luxurious life when you arrive.

However, that shouldn’t detract from the fantastic range of games that are available. All casino favorites like blackjack, roulette and slots can be played, and there are also excellent poker rooms that have been used for the final of the European Poker Tour.


Finally, we go to the capital of England for our final dream casino destination. London may not have the glamour, or a famous strip like some of the alternatives, but it can still be the perfect place for casino fans of all budgets.

There are over 20 major casinos dotted across the city and with a bustling nightlife and plenty of places to dine and party, you will never be short of something to do. Likewise, casino fans can explore games that offer low stakes to exclusive establishments in the plush Mayfair area that is ideal for the high rollers.

London Selfie

Either way, London is ideal for any casino fan. All your gaming needs are covered across the city, and there’s plenty to see along the way. What’s not to like?

That concludes our five favorite casino destinations across the world. Not only do they offer fantastic games, but so much enjoyment can be had in each of the cities with the entertainment available too. However, if you’re still saving up for your terrific trip then hone your casino skills at New Jersey Online Casinos , so when you do arrive you’ll be ready to land the big wins!