Five reasons why Atlantic City is the best gambling city in the US

Atlantic City may only be a small resort on New Jersey’s Atlantic coast but it became synonymous with gambling, making it a dream destination for players across the world. Despite falling on hard times in recent years, the city is beginning to make a comeback and can still be regarded as one of the premier gambling locations in the USA.

Here we give you five reasons why Atlantic City is number one when it comes to gambling.

It has history

Despite a population of around 40,000, this resort city is steeped in tradition and history for gamblers. The ‘gambling capital of the East Coast’ became the Vegas equivalent when gambling was legalized in 1976. This prompted the building of some major casinos and the first was Resorts Casino, where singer Steve Lawrence threw the first dice to open the venue in 1978.

Atlantic City Skyline at Night

Many more would follow, and gambling in Atlantic City was well under way. Throughout the 90s, the popularity soared again, making ‘America’s favorite playground’ the place to be.

Top-class casinos

As you would expect for a buzzing casino environment, Atlantic City has many quality casinos. Although some have had to close over recent years as the area suffered, there are still many great places to play. They include the Borgata which boasts nearly 3,500 slot games and the biggest poker room in Atlantic City, with 85 tables.

Atlantic City Fireworks at Borgata

Elsewhere, Caesars Atlantic City is home to rooms that are used on the World Series of Poker circuit. Plus, Resorts Casino, the first open, is still going strong and there’s many more. These fantastic casinos can also be enjoyed online , with New Jersey Online Casinos, meaning whether you are a poker, roulette or blackjack fan, you’re never too far away from the finest casinos in the state.


There’s so much more than quality games when you visit Atlantic City. It wouldn’t be a top location if you couldn’t treat yourself to various forms of entertainment. This has been prominent since the early days, with singers and major boxing bouts just some of the live events available to take in.

Furthermore, live performances from singers and comedians are still common to this day. Each hotel and casino hosts various artists. Plus, bars and restaurants can be found easily in and around the boardwalk and casinos. Basically, you’re in for a great time when you visit Atlantic City, there’s much more than fantastic casino games available.

Iconic boardwalk

We’ve mentioned it a few times, because along with being known as a gambling city, Atlantic City is famous for its iconic boardwalk. Stretching four miles, construction began for the boardwalk in 1870, demonstrating how it’s ingrained in life at Atlantic City.

Atlantic City Boardwalk

You can find, shops, bars and of course, casinos across the boardwalk, with a beautiful view of the beach and ocean on your either side. Is there a better location in the world to go and gamble? We don’t think so.


It’s no secret that Atlantic City has suffered economically over the years. Several casinos have had to shut and profits have decreased. However, that doesn’t mean that the future is bleak for the city; in fact, it’s the opposite. Investment and renovation is planned at a serious rate, in a bid to restore Atlantic City to its former glory.

With a focus on targeting millennials, the increased investment will see casinos improved, from the gaming perspective and the facilities. There’s a feeling that they have overcame the worst of it and the future looks bright for this historical old gambling city.

Ultimately, Atlantic City will forever be associated with gambling and that history makes it an intriguing place for all players. Yet, away from the past, there’s still a lot to offer. With entertainment at the huge casinos, the brilliant boardwalk and plans to make it even better, Atlantic City is on its way up.