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Balloonies Slot GameBalloonies is a whimsical IGT video slot, with a menagerie of balloon animals among the symbols.

The game features a slightly different take on the tumbling reels feature of some other games. Each time that a winning combination is paid, each of the symbols involved in the win inflates and pops, disappearing to leave an empty square on the screen. Then all of the other balloons float upwards, and any spaces at the bottom are filled in with new symbols.

This process continues until there are no more winning combinations.

Balloonies Slot Layout

The video slot features 5 reels with 3 symbols displayed on each. The symbols are all balloon figures, with some being animals while others are the playing card ranks A, K, and Q.

Balloonies Slot Layout

Also present are a wild symbol, a bonus symbol, and the all-important star symbols.

The Star Symbols

You’ll find the star symbols to be very helpful in this game. Each time that a star symbol appears, you have a guaranteed winner, as the stars themselves pay 2X the line bet. But that’s only the beginning of the story of the stars. Each star also has a multiplier value associated with it, chosen from 2X, 3X, and 5X.

Balloonies Star Multipliers

Each star’s multiplier value is added to a running total for this spin, and after all the winning combinations are completed, the accumulated multiplier is applied to the win. It can make for some very nice size wins.

Here’s an example where three star symbols appeared at once.

Balloonies Stars In Game

One was a 5X, while the other two were each 2X. The total of 9X appears at the bottom of the screen in the very small star near the win total. What happens next is that the winning stars will pop, and all the symbols will float upward to see if there are any other winners, or even more stars. Once everything settles down, the accumulated multiplier applies to the whole win.

Balloonies Bonus Round

Catching three of the bonus symbols triggers the free spin bonus.

Balloonies Bonus Trigger

The first order of business in the bonus round is choosing a balloon to pop.

Balloonies Choose a Balloon

Your number of free spins will be revealed.

Balloonies Bonus Spins

Then the reels are swapped for the bonus set, and the free spins accumulate your win.

Balloonies In Bonus Round

Balloonies is a cute interpretation of the usual tumbling reels feature, and with the star multipliers it can deliver a considerable win on a single spin. It’s no surprise that this game remains popular with many players.

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Developer: IGT
Paylines: 20
Min Bet: $0.20

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