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Emoji Planet SlotOK, let’s just say I’m not a fan of the emoji craze. Sure, I’m perfectly content to send a smiley face in a message as needed, but really, do we need thousands of these things?

So it was with a great deal of trepidation that I set out to investigate this new game from NetEnt. Well, it could be worse. I could be a movie reviewer forced to sit through the Emoji Movie. (9% at Rotten Tomatoes).

Emoji Planet Slot Layout

This game uses a 6 X 5 matrix of emoji symbols. Instead of paylines, the game uses the concept of Cluster Pays. A cluster is any group of 5 or more matching symbols that are connected vertically or horizontally. There are wild symbols that help by matching any of the eight emoji symbols. The symbols are the Smiley Face, Two Hearts, Alien, Kiss, Rocket Ship, Pizza, Bomb, and, wait for it… the Poop emoji. Really? Was that necessary?

Sorry, I just refuse to get excited about collecting a cluster of poop. Call me picky I guess.

Emoji Planet Slot Layout

With the board consisting of 30 symbols, the paytable has a different payout value for each of the eight emojis in all quantities from 5 up to 30. A screen full of poop would pay 4500 times your bet. Sounds a little low to me.

As any winning combinations are paid, the winning symbols disappear and the remaining symbols fall to the bottom of the screen so new emojis can appear at the top, hopefully producing more wins.

Sure, these chains of wins are important, but it is also helpful to get multiple wins at the same time.

Emoji Planet Multiple Win

The Bonus Features

OK, surely there is some interesting feature among all this trivial detail, right? Sort of.

Five of the emojis have meters on the right side of the screen that are filled in each time that you have a winning match with that symbol. Here I collected a lot of rocket ships.

Emoji Planet Feature Trigger

In this case, the rocket ships filled the entire meter, and now you can see that I have one Rocket Ship feature awaiting, to be activated once all winning combinations are complete.

Emoji Planet Feature Display

Each of the five meters has a different kind of reward. For the rocket ship award, a stack of 10 wild symbols is added to the top of a reel, which can create a cascade of wins. Or it could fizzle out after just one win as it did when I got it. Whatever.

If you’re actually interested, you can find descriptions of the other four rewards in the game’s help screens. But c’mon, haven’t I dissuaded you from playing this game yet?

I will sum up my entire review in one word for you, and perhaps surprisingly, that word is not Poop. No, the word is Meh. Just Meh.

If you insist, check the list of casinos below to see where you too can suffer. Me, I think I’ll go take a shower.

Emoji Planet

Emoji Planet

Developer: NetEnt
Min Bet: $0.20

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