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Epic Monopoly II SlotProbably the most popular board game of all time, Monopoly has inspired a continuing stream of slot machine themes.

The latest addition is Epic Monopoly II, which of course features the popular mascot Rich Uncle Pennybags. And like the previous entrants in the franchise, this game has a rich and detailed set of bonus features as befits a board game with a complicated but well-known set of rules.

Epic Monopoly II Slot Layout

Everything about this game is a bit complicated, starting with the layout itself.

Epic Monopoly II Slot Layout

The section on the left is the main reel set, with five reels showing four symbols each. On the right you’ll find the colossal reel set. The two sets are separate, meaning that the paylines do not continue across from the main reels to the colossal reels.

All total, there are 100 paylines activated with a 50 coin bet. The most valuable symbols are the Wild symbol and Uncle Pennybags (aka Mr Monopoly). All of the expected Monopoly board game symbols make an appearance here as well.

The wilds come with a special feature. Any time that you get a full column of wild symbols on the main reels, the full reel transfers over to the colossal reels setting the entire column as wild there as well. In this spin, the column of wilds on reel three caused the same thing to happen on the colossal set. Reel three is filled in with all wilds.

Epic Monopoly II Wild Transfer

Triggering the Bonus

The bonus symbols in this game are images of a Monopoly board, and appear only one reels 1, 3, and 5 on both the main reels and the colossal reels. To trigger the bonus game, you need to hit three or more of the bonus symbols anywhere on those reels.

Epic Monopoly II Bonus Trigger

On this spin, the bonus symbols were lined up and also appear as complete symbols. Neither is necessary. The bonus symbol is a scatter pay, and it counts even if only a portion of the game board is visible.

In addition to triggering the bonus, you will get an extra win if you catch more than the three necessary bonus symbols. Catch 4 and win 10X your total bet. Catch 5 and get 50x. Catch 6 and you get 100x your bet. And of course, you still trigger the bonus in addition.

The Epic Wheel Bonus

To determine which bonus you will receive, you spin the Epic Wheel.

Epic Monopoly II Bonus Start

In all, there are five different bonus styles on the bonus wheel.

  • A monetary award of 500 coins.
  • 7, 10, or 20 free spins.
  • The ‘Around the Board’ bonus, with either 2, 5, or 10 dice rolls awarded.
  • A Chance bonus.
  • 2X and spin again.

The best outcome is to first get the 2X option which then applies to whatever bonus you get on the 2nd spin. Before that spin, the 2X spaces on the wheel transform to a 250 coin win, so you can’t get the multiplier more than once.

If you win free spins, there is a useful wild feature during the spins. If a wild appears anywhere on a reel in the main set, the entire reel will become wild and therefore transfer to the colossal set. Also during the free spins, if you retrigger the bonus you will be awarded more free spins instead of returning to the Epic Wheel.

Around the Board

The most traditional of all the bonus rounds is the ‘Around the Board’ bonus where you are transported to the classic board game and roll the dice to move your game piece.

Epic Monopoly II Around The Board

If you manage to pass Go, you’ll collect 200 coins or more. Sound familiar? Each of the traditional Monopoly squares has a bonus reward associated with it. The Electric Company and the Railroads can be especially valuable. And of course, then there’s Boardwalk.

If you land on a property square, you pick one of the matching color properties to reveal your prize.

Epic Monopoly Bonus Property

Epic Monopoly II Bonus Property Revealed

If you land on a Chance spot, or the very similar Community Chest spot, you win a similar pick-a-prize.

Epic Monopoly II Chance

Epic Monopoly II Chance Revealed

As you can see in that prize, you can also win additional dice rolls to extend your time in the bonus. You continue around the board until you have used up all your dice rolls.

Epic Monopoly II has a well-tuned mix of regular slot features along with the extravagant bonus round that will take you back to family time with its classic theme.

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Epic Monopoly II

Epic Monopoly II

Developer: SG Digital
Paylines: 100
Min Bet: $0.50

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