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Hercules High and Mighty SlotHercules High and Mighty brings the legendary strongman to your aid in this unusual video slot from SG Interactive and Barcrest.

With a distinctive two-section set of game reels, the game switches from 50 paylines to 100 whenever Hercules is entirely shown on a reel. With Hercules also expanding to fill the entire reel with wilds, his appearance can make for some sizeable wins.

Hercules High & Mighty Slot Layout

The layout for this game is quite unusual. When you first begin, the screen will show five reels with five symbols visible on each. This area has a total of 50 paylines available, which can be activated with a maximum 50-coin bet.

Hercules High and Mighty Slot Layout

Above the square of 25 symbols lies an additional area of symbols, which are normally hidden behind chains. But whenever the Hercules stacked wild symbol appears, that can change.

If Hercules is only partially visible, then he remains just as a wild symbol. But if all of Hercules is visible, then he unlocks the chains and activates the top portion of all the reels. All 100 paylines are than active, and better yet, Hercules expands to fill the entire reel so the whole column is wild.

Hercules High and Mighty Expanded Reels

Just remember, ol’ Herc has to be fully visible to activate this feature. In this spin, he was only partially exposed.

Hercules High and Mighty Partial View

You can also choose to bet fewer paylines, wagering as few as 10 coins which will activate 10 lines in the main section which will double to 20 paylines if Hercules unlocks the chains.

Wait, shouldn’t that be Heracles?

For anyone who knows their mythology, the symbol set may be a bit of a mismatch. Hercules is a god in Roman mythology, but all of the information I can find about this slot uses the names of the gods from Greek mythology for the other symbols. Perhaps the game would have better been named “Heracles High and Mighty” as that is the Greek name for Hercules. Well, I suppose that just doesn’t roll off the tongue quite like Hercules.

Regardless, among the other symbols you will find in the game are the god Zeus and goddess Hera, Pegasus the winged horse, and Cerberus the multi-headed “hound of Hades”. There is also a Lion, the Hydra, and the four playing card suits to round out the inventory.

Bonus Free Spins

In addition to the aforementioned paying symbols, there are scatter pays with a gold coin symbol. Collect three or more in any position to trigger the bonus. Even a portion of the coin symbol being visible is sufficient.

  • Catch three coins at least partially visible, and you get 8 free spins.
  • Catch four coins, and you get 12 free spins.
  • Catch five coins, and you get 20 free spins.

Hercules High and Mighty Bonus Trigger

Hercules High and Mighty Free Spins

It’s also possible to trigger the bonus when Hercules unlocks the chains and reveals golden coin symbols that were previously hidden. That’s always a nice surprise.

During the free spins, Hercules will expand to fill the reel even if he is only partially in view, a nice extra. In addition, the gold coin bonus symbols are still present, and it is possible to retrigger the bonus feature.

The Big Bet Option

This game has an additional way to wager, for fixed bet amounts of $20, $30, and $50. In each case, you are actually buying multiple spins at a denomination of $0.04. The reels will spin 5 times, and there are some additional changes as well.

Hercules High and Mighty Big Bet

In the $20 version of Big Bet, you always get the benefit of the partial Hercules expanding to fill the reel, just like during the normal game’s free spins bonus.

In the $30 version of Big Bet, you get the partial Hercules feature, and the game also removes all the playing card symbols from all of the reels, leaving only the more valuable mythological characters. This means more frequent and bigger wins.

In the final $50 version of Big Bet, you get the previous two benefits plus an additional one. Some of the wilds will be persistent wilds, where the entire reel turns wild and stays that way for all the remaining spins.

In each of these scenarios, all of your wins accumulate across all five spins, including any free spins that you may trigger during the play.

These are expensive wagers but the benefits are also considerable. In fact, the help screens for the game indicate that the return percentage to the player goes from 94 or 96% up to 98% when you choose the Big Bet option. Just keep your bankroll in mind with these, because a cold streak could get really expensive.

Big Bets, but Big Wins

The top two tiers of Big Bet remove all the playing card suit symbols from the reels, which can really supercharge your ability to land winning combinations.

Hercules High and Mighty Only Special Symbols

Hercules High and Mighty Big Win

Hercules High and Mighty has a loyal following among players. It is consistently mentioned in top ten lists at several of the online casinos. I wonder whether most players dabble at the lower bet amounts, or tackle the riskier Big Bet options. Regardless, you should check this one out. Here’s hoping for some legendary wins!

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Hercules High & Mighty

Hercules High & Mighty

Developer: SG Digital
Paylines: 50
Min Bet: $0.10

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