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Jackpot Inferno
Developer: Everi Games
Paylines: 50
Minimum Bet: $ 0.50

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This game is currently available at 4 of the 16 casinos that we track in NJ .

We first began tracking this game in New Jersey on July 28, 2017.

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Jackpot Inferno

Jackpot Inferno is a slot game with a whole slate of progressive jackpots available to be won. In fact, with the number of different progressives included, this flashy video slot from Everi Games may offer a savvy player a good chance to stack the odds in his favor.

Jackpot Inferno Slot Layout

This video slot features five reels with four visible symbols on each. There are 50 paylines requiring a 50 coin minimum bet. Don't be fooled by the display in the help screens that show only 40 paylines. I'm not sure why the help screen is missing the last 10 paylines, but there really are 50 paylines in action here.

The wild symbols on the reels are in stacks of 20 each, so when you get one, you often get the whole reel filled with them.

The symbols include four different varieties of 7s, plus crowns, cherries, hearts and lemons. And then there are the special symbols, the Jackpot Inferno symbol and the Bonus symbol.

The Sounds of the Game

I don't often highlight the sound effects that are part of slot games because they often seem to be added as an afterthought by the designers. In the worst examples, it's sometime better to turn off the sound! But not in this game. Each of the special symbols has its own unique sound effect, rising in pitch as you catch more matching symbols.

To me, the rich soundscape of this game is one of its most charming features. I hope you'll agree as you hear those Bonus symbols, Wild symbols, and Jackpot Inferno symbols announce their arrival in their own unique ways.

The Progressive Jackpot Feature

This is the most interesting feature of the game. Along the right side of the screen are listed 8 different progressive jackpots, labeled from "5" up to "12". Why not 1 to 8? Because the numbers indicate how many of the Jackpot Inferno symbols you must hit in a scatter pay to award the particular jackpot. But actually, it's a bit more complicated than that.

First, you must hit at least five of the triggering symbols on a spin. Here I had six of them:

That automatically prepared me to win the number 6 jackpot. But I then had a chance to improve on that, on this screen:

You get three picks of the squares on the screen. In my case, I first chose a "Jackpot Jump" symbol, which moved me up to jackpot number 7. My next pick was for 80 credits. My supposedly final pick yielded "+2 Picks", so I got two more shots. I was lucky on both of those picks, and found two more of the Jackpot Jump symbols, which moved me up to jackpot number 9 awarding 3900 credits, before resetting the progressive for that level to the starting value of 3750.

The hidden choices vary, but here is an example of what the board looked like when it was revealed on a different spin.

Note that the top two jackpots can only be awarded with the help of the Jackpot Jump feature, as it is not possible to hit more than 10 of the Jackpot Inferno symbols in a triggering spin.

Bonus Round - Free Spins

If you catch three or more of the bonus symbols, you trigger a bonus round of free spins with a multiplier.
  • Catch 3 Bonus Symbols: Get 6 free spins at 2X.
  • Catch 4 Bonus Symbols: Get 10 free spins at 5X.
  • Catch 5 Bonus Symbols: Get 20 free spins at 10X!

During the bonus spins, a special set of reels are used. They only include the Wild symbols and the four different styles of 7s. That means more chances to win by lining up matching sevens.

An Opportunity for Savvy Players

I love progressive jackpot slots because they sometimes offer a chance for a player to get a real edge against the house. In this game with so many different progressives offered, it is very possible that you may find a situation where some of the progressive jackpots have grown high enough to make this game a winning play.

Each bet level has its own set of progressive values and they all are fed by a shared contribution pool between all bets. That means that you should check in the help screen to see which of the progressives are unusually high compared to the others. You can also just change the bet amount and see them on the main game screen.

With the added bonus of so many progressives, this game has been one of my all-time favorites in the New Jersey market. I think you'll find a lot to like about Jackpot Inferno.

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Date Action Casino
November 21, 2023 Removed
May 13, 2023 Removed
November 30, 2022 Added
Ocean Resort Casino
January 24, 2018 Added
October 12, 2017 Added
October 12, 2017 Added
Mohegan Sun
September 29, 2017 Added
Golden Nugget
July 28, 2017 Added

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