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Roulette Deluxe (Playtech) - Where to Play in NJ

Roulette Deluxe (Playtech)
Developer: BGO / Playtech

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In New Jersey,
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This page shows information about the availability of Roulette Deluxe (Playtech) in the state of New Jersey.

For other states, choose your preferred location with the selector at the bottom of the page.

Game Availability Trend

This chart shows how the number of casinos offering this game in NJ has changed over time.

Game History of Roulette Deluxe (Playtech) in New Jersey

Events in the game history are listed with the most recent activity at the top of the list.

Each event line indicates that a casino added or removed Roulette Deluxe (Playtech) from their inventory on that date.

You may notice that some casinos drop and re-add the same game multiple times, sometimes on the same day. This happens occasionally when a new game is being launched or updated.

Date Action Casino
October 13, 2021 Added
Bet365 Casino
March 1, 2021 Removed
Bet365 Casino
February 24, 2021 Added
Bet365 Casino
October 13, 2020 Removed
Bet365 Casino
August 6, 2020 Added
Bet365 Casino

See something unusual? Our game history listings are based on our best effort to accurately track the constantly changing inventory of the casinos.

In particular, when we initially begin tracking a casino, the events generated may not reflect an actual change at the casino.

NOTICE: Casino links are intended for players age 21+. You must be physically present in New Jersey to wager.

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