Scratch DoublePlay SuperBet Game Page

Scratch DoublePlay Superbet GameScratchcards are the simplest form of game you can play at an online casino. This version, themed like the DoublePlay Super Bet slot game uses the same symbols as the slot in the form of a scratch-off card.

Scratch DoublePlay Super Bet Game Layout

The layout is as simple as it gets, with a nine-square card and the paytable.

Scratch DoublePlay Superbet Layout

The game is developed by NextGen and features bet sizes from $0.01 up to $50 per scratchcard.

Once you choose your bet and press play, the board is ready to scratch in any order that you like.

Scratch DoublePlay Superbet Ready To Pick

There is no effect based on the order in which you reveal the squares, as you will always scratch off all nine squares anyway. It takes three matching symbols to win a prize.


Matching three diamond symbols yields the highest prize, at 1000 times your bet. The full paytable is here:

  • Three Diamonds: 1000X
  • Three Red Sevens: 100X
  • Three Bells: 50X
  • Three Stars: 10X
  • Three Horseshoes: 5X
  • Three Spades: 2X
  • Three Cherries: 1X

It is also possible to match more than one winning set of symbols. In the best case, you’ll have three simultaneous wins.

Scratch DoublePlay Superbet All Win

Although the order of scratching the squares doesn’t matter, it does help the excitement level if you reveal a winning match early on and can hope for additional wins.

Scratch DoublePlay Superbet Early Win

Autoplay Feature

You can also set the game to autoplay a fixed number of cards without you having to individually scratch off the squares. In that case, the game play moves more quickly as the board is revealed rapidly.

Scratch DoublePlay Superbet Auto Scratch

The Bonus Feature – Free Scratchcards

You can trigger a bonus feature in this game by revealing three of the shield logo symbols.

Scratch DoublePlay Superbet Bonus Trigger

Don’t worry that you never seem to see this symbol in the game. When you do get one, you’ll find that you have all three needed for a bonus trigger. That makes sense when you think about it. If those symbols used up squares in regular games it would be harder to win.

Once the bonus begins, you will get five free scratchcards at the same bet you were playing at the time. And the payouts are tripled!

Scratch DoublePlay Superbet Start Free Cards

During the free cards, every card is a guaranteed winner, so you should rack up a nice win with the 3X multiplier.

Scratch DoublePlay Superbet Guaranteed Winner

Scratch DoublePlay Superbet Bonus Win

If you dabble with scratchcards from time to time, the extra bonus feature here of winning five free cards at triple pay gives you something extra to hope for.

See where you can play this scratch game in New Jersey, using the list below.

Scratch DoublePlay Super Bet

Scratch DoublePlay Super Bet

Developer: NextGen
Min Bet: $0.01

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