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The Cheshire Cat SlotHead down the rabbit hole into the strange world of Wonderland with this slot based on the grinning Cheshire Cat from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

If you manage to activate the four possible sets of simultaneous reels in the bonus round, you will likely be smiling from ear to ear too.

The Cheshire Cat Slot Layout

This video slot is a collaborative effort between Williams and SG Interactive. The game features five reels with four symbols each, and a minimum bet of 40 coins activates the 40 paylines.

The Cheshire Cat Slot Layout

The symbol set begins with the game logo symbol which functions as a wild symbol. After that, the reel stops are drawn from Alice in Wonderland, starting with the namesake Cheshire Cat, Alice herself, the Caterpillar, and the White Rabbit. A green potion and a slice of magical cake appear in the game, and the rest of the set is finished up with the playing card ranks from Jack to Ace.

The Bonus Feature

But the real action in this slot begins with the special bonus symbol. Collect three or more of these scatter pays to activate the bonus.

The Cheshire Cat Bonus Trigger

Since the bonus symbol appears on all five reels, you can catch more than three of them as well.

  • Catch three bonus symbols: Get 5 Free Spins.
  • Catch four bonus symbols: Get 10 Free Spins, plus 10X your total bet.
  • Catch five bonus symbols: Get 20 Free Spins, plus 50X your total bet!

The first thing that happens during the bonus is the appearance of the bonus wheel.

The Cheshire Cat Bonus Wheel

The wheel spins to determine how many sets of reels will be present during your five free spins, and also which reels will display fixed columns of wild symbols.

The Cheshire Cat Bonus Features

Multiple Sets of Reels

Spinning the bonus wheel selects a number of reel sets for the bonus spins, from 1 up to 4. For example, in my spin pictured above I won 5 free spins with 2 sets of reels and wild symbols preset on reels 1, 3, and 5.

The Cheshire Cat Bonus Two Arrays

The Bonus Guarantee

Don’t you hate when you are playing a slot game, and you finally get to the bonus round and then end up winning almost nothing? With the trend toward more emphasis on bonus rounds in high volatility games, this seems to happen more often than ever.

Well, The Cheshire Cat has a way to prevent those disappointing bonus round results: the Bonus Guarantee.

The Cheshire Cat Bonus Guarantee

If the result of your bonus spins awards less than 10X your initial bet, you will be paid 10X instead. At the minimum bet of $0.40 on this game, that means the smallest possible win in the bonus round is $4. Sure, it’s not a big win, but it beats a result of only a buck or two!

Although there are not any win multipliers in the bonus free spins, it’s still possible to have a nice win because of the fixed wilds that are part of the spins.

The Cheshire Cat Bonus End

Lewis Carroll’s work has become so much a part of our popular culture that it’s often hard to remember that he is the source of such phrases as “down the rabbit hole.” His story acknowledges that the world is a frustrating place where things often aren’t what they seem. But this slot isn’t about anything so deep. Instead it’s a relatively fun romp through a familiar landscape. Enjoy.

The Cheshire Cat

The Cheshire Cat

Developer: Williams
Paylines: 40
Min Bet: $0.40

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