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Tokidoki Lucky Town SlotGet ready for an immense dose of Japanese-inspired cuteness as the tokodoki lifestyle brand hits home in this video slot.

With a cast of characters drawn from the vivid universe of tokidoki, this game hosts a plethora of kitschy themed features.

First, what is tokidoki?

Well, it’s complicated. According to the Wikipedia page, tokidoki is a Japanese-inspired lifestyle brand. The company markets apparel, footwear, plushies, and any number of other items featuring the artwork and characters created from the prolific mind of Italian artist Simone Legno.

The range of characters and ideas represented is vast, as you will see even in this slot game.

Tokidoki Lucky Town Splash

Tokidoki Lucky Town Slot Layout

The layout is traditional in this video slot, but the symbols, characters and features are anything but. The five reels with three visible symbols on each yield up 40 paylines. But the minimum bet is 60 coins, 40 for the paylines and 20 more for the features.

Tokidoki Lucky Town Slot Layout

You’ve seen a skull and crossbones, but how about tokidoki’s heart and crossbones? The wild symbols in this game feature this icon, a mainstay of the tokidoki brand.

Tokidoki Lucky Town Wild Symbols

The yellow 2X version of the wild symbol appears only on the center reel.

The other main symbols of the game are Stellina (a Unicorno), Mozzarella (from the Moofia, a cow-costumed gun-toting defender of kid’s milk from schoolyard bullies), SANDy (in a cactus suit), and Donutella (whose costume features donuts for ears). Getting the idea yet?

Playing card ranks from 10 to Ace finish up the symbol set.

The Reel Reveal Feature

On the fifth reel, a special vinyl album symbol appears, and when it lands anywhere on the reel, it activates the bonus feature of tokodoki Lucky Town.

Tokidoki-Lucky Town Reel Reveal Start

The entire set of reels is picked up and moved one position to the left, with the leftmost reel disappearing and Revealed Reel #1 being added on the right.

Tokidoki Lucky Town Reel Reveal 1

The reels then spin again with the changes in place.

Revealed Reel #1

Each revealed reel has a unique feature. The first revealed reel delivers a new character to the game. Caramella is one of the “Sweet Friends” of Donutella. She now appears on the reel as a wild symbol but also floats across the reels on a cloud with her candy cane and transforms up to three symbols into wilds in the Random Wild feature.

Tokidoki Lucky Town Caramella

Revealed Reel #2

How do you trigger the second revealed reel? You need to catch another bonus symbol during the spin with previous revealed reel. The bonus symbol can still appear on the final normal reel, which moves leftward as you accomplish consecutive triggers of the feature.

Tokidoki Lucky Town Reel Reveal 2

This reel’s reward is the appearance of Truffle, one of the cactus friends. He reveals a random multiplier between 2X and 15X that multiples any win on the current reward spin.

Tokidoki Lucky Town Truffle

Revealed Reel #3

If you are fortunate enough to catch another bonus symbol in the reel #2 spin, you trigger the third revealed reel. This reel features Pogo, another of the Unicornos. Pogo’s feature is that he is a wild symbol, and he also expands wild symbols two reels across to his left.

Tokidoki Lucky Town Reel Reveal 3

Revealed Reel #4

It’s tough to get here, because you need a fourth consecutive spin to yield up a bonus symbol. Fortunately, during the reel reveal feature, the chance of retriggering is much higher than you might think because the vinyl album trigger symbols appear much more frequently than they do in the base game.

Tokidoki Lucky Town Reel Reveal 4

The reward on this reel is the character Latte, one of the Moofia. He appears and allows you to pick a box of milk to win a prize from 1X to 10X your bet.

Tokidoki Lucky Town Latte

Revealed Reel #5

Getting to reel 5 is a real accomplishment, and you will be rewarded with Character Wild symbols, where a character is chosen and all the matching symbols become wilds.

Revealed Reels Summary

That’s a lot to absorb, so here’s a quick screenshot that summarizes the five unique features of each revealed reel.

Tokidoki Lucky Town Reel Reveal Features

Once you reach the fifth spin or fail to activate the next level, your revealed reels feature ends with the news delivered appropriately enough by the character Adios, who looks like the grim reaper.

Tokidoki Lucky Town Reel Reveal Complete

My Favorite Character

OK, I admit it. I loved this game. The level of detail is just so over-the-top, it’s just cuteness overload.

But for me, the most satisfying character in the game is the tokidoki Godzilla who shows up after big wins.

Tokidoki Lucky Town Godzilla

I mean, c’mon. A lime green and fuschia Godzilla celebrating your wins? That’s just awesome.

By now, you can tell I’m a fan. If you can permit yourself a guilty pleasure, I predict that you will like it too.

Tokidoki Lucky Town

Tokidoki Lucky Town

Developer: IGT
Paylines: 40
Min Bet: $0.60

This game is no longer available.

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