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Wild Run SlotFree spins are the theme of the day in this new concept slot with an African safari theme. Wild Run rewards you mightily whenever you have a winning streak.

Lions, rhinos, and leopards may dot the screen, but it is the On-a-Roll feature and the free spins that will have you coming back for more.

Wild Run Slot Layout

The basic layout is standard, with five reels and three visible symbols on each. All possible paylines are used, meaning this slot offers 243 ways to win.

Wild Run Slot Layout

The symbols start with the “Big Five” African animals: The wild symbol is an African lion, and the other animal symbols are the elephant, rhino, cape buffalo, and leopard. The symbol set is completed with the four playing card suits.

This game from NextGen gaming has a fixed bet size of 30 coins which activates all 243 paylines. Unlike most video slots, there are no bonus symbols or scatter pays to be found. But don’t worry, there’s a good reason for that. We will get to those details later.

The Paytable

If you are concerned about the lack of bonus symbols, here’s another issue that may seem concerning at first glance. The payouts for getting 3 or 4 matching symbols on a payline are quite small compared to most slots.

Wild Run Paytable

For example, take a look at the second most valuable symbol of all, the elephant. Line up 3 elephants and you win just 2 coins! If you are playing at the minimum bet of $0.30, that’s just $0.02! Line up 4 elephants and you still only win $0.10.

How could this slot possibly be any fun with small payouts like that? Well, it is going to take some explaining, so I better get right to it.

The On-a-Roll Feature

If you just start playing this game without looking at the details, I can guarantee that you will be wondering what is going on when all of a sudden the reels spin again without you hitting the button.

Here is what is going on… Any win on any payline immediately triggers the On-a-Roll feature. Take a look at the left side of the screen below.

Wild Run 2X Wild

You can see the meter on the left that begins with “On a Roll”, and continues with headings of “x2”, “x3” and “Free Games”. When you spin the reels, any winning combination activates the On a Roll feature. That’s right, every single win activates a bonus feature. Even the $0.02 win with 3 elephants I complained about above.

The x2 Level

In the screen shot, that’s what has just happened. After a winning spin in the base game, several things occur.

  • The meter on the left moves up to the “x2” spot.
  • Wild symbols are added to the layout on reels 1 and 5. In the screenshot, you can see those reels highlighted with an extra border.
  • The wild lion symbols are set to pay 2X on any winning combination.
  • The reels automatically spin again, with any wins accumulating to your total.

In the spin you saw above, you can see that the lion now says Wild x2.

The x3 Level

Here’s where it gets really good. Since we had a win on our free spin at the x2 level, we get to move up a level again. Now, several things happen again:

  • The meter moves up to x3.
  • Wild lion symbols are added to reels 2 and 4, making a total of 4 reels with them.
  • The wild lions are set to pay 3X any winning line.
  • The reels automatically spin again.

Wild Run 3X Wild

Our wins that include wilds now pay triple, and better yet, as you can probably guess, we’re not done yet.

The Free Spins feature

If you have a winning spin at the x3 level, you trigger the Free Spins feature. Surely it could use a better name, since you already had at least 2 free spins on the way to triggering it!

Wild Run Free Spins

Now more things happen.

  • The wilds are now added to all 5 reels.
  • For the duration of the free spins, they multiply all wins by 5X!
  • The meter on the left gets replaced with a meter that holds four stars.

Now you get free spins as long as your winning streak continues. Each time that you have a spin that does not result in a payout, one of the four stars will disappear. When they are all gone, your free spins are complete.

Wild Run Bonus Win

It is not unusual to have strings of free spins here that are ten or more spins before you encounter four non-wins. And with the 5X wild multiplier, that really adds up.

So, that single spin that started all of this fun can generate a LOT of extra free spins.

On-a-Roll’s nice extra

You might think that the On-a-Roll feature would end whenever you had a losing spin, but even that is not quite accurate. If you have a spin at the x3 level that does not result in a payout, the meter simply moves back down a notch to the x2 level and another free spin gives you a chance to keep the streak alive.

There are only two ways to end the feature: Have a non-paying spin at the x2 level, or reach the full free spins bonus and complete it.

The Bottom Line

Now you can see why no bonus symbols or scatter pays were necessary in this game. It’s all done with the normal paying symbols, and wow what a feature!

I loved this game. The payouts on a single line may seem low, and they are. But you will find that you commonly encounter winning streaks of many free spins that accumulate into some big wins.

You can play Wild Run and try your luck at the free spin safari at any of the NJ online casinos listed below.

Wild Run

Wild Run

Developer: NextGen
Paylines: 243
Min Bet: $0.30

Play at:
Golden Nugget
Pala Casino
Mohegan Sun
Also at:
Hard Rock
Ocean Resort Casino

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