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Wild West SlotA tavern right out of the Wild West is the scene for this video slot from NextGen Gaming. But hold on to your cowboy hat, because this game can really be a rough ride.

With most of the return found in the bonus round, this game is going to feel like feast or famine. If you’re fortunate enough to hit the bonus round regularly, you’ll be able to afford a round for the house. If not, well, you may be crying in your beer instead.

Wild West Slot Layout

The basic slot is a typical 5 reel video slot, with three symbols visible. The symbols are drawn from the theme of a Wild West tavern, including a patron of the bar, a horse, and the front of the saloon complete with swinging doors.

With only ten lines in play, wins in the base game aren’t as common or as large as on many other video slots. The real fun comes from when the cowboy symbol appears in a winning combination. More on that in a moment. First we have to discuss the SuperBet feature.


The base bet of the game is 10 coins, one per paylines. But since most of the action is related to the bonus round, you will want to consider activating the SuperBet option on the right side of the game. If you choose “2X”, your bet is increased to 20 coins, and any winning combination that includes the Cowboy wild symbol will be multiplied by 2. If you choose “5X”, the bet increases a lot more, up to 50 coins. But the 5X multiplier on Cowboy combinations is really important as you’ll see in the bonus round.

The Bonus Round

Anytime that the cowboy appears in a winning combination, the win is multiplied by 2X or 5X if you chose to activate SuperBet. But every time the Cowboy applies, you also get five free spins.

Whatever the amount of the triggering Cowboy win was will now be awarded each time you see the Chip Stack appear during the free spins. The Chip Stack is a symbol that only appears on the bonus reels, and it is a Scatter pay.

For example, here’s a trigger of the bonus spins where I won $3.00 on the triggering spin.

Wild West Bonus Trigger 1

And then, during the free spins, you’ll see that the Chip Stack is worth $3.00 every time that it appears.

Wild West Bonus Info 1

Wild West Bonus Scatter 1

So to get on a lucky streak on this game, you need a big win with the Cowboy symbol, and then you need for some of the Chip Stack symbols to appear during the free spins.

Here’s an example where I had a Chip Stack worth $8.00:

Wild West Bonus Info 2

And I was fortunate to see several Chip Stack symbols during the five free spins:

Wild West Big Win

Since the bonus feature is so important in this game, it’s nice that you can retrigger the bonus. Any time that a Cowboy win appears during the free spins, the current spins will be finished first, and then a new set of five spins with the revised trigger amount will begin.

Wild West Retrigger

I did notice one bit of confusion during retriggers. It seems that the Chip Stack value at the top of the screen doesn’t adjust to show the new trigger value. It’s not a big deal, but something to watch out for.

My Bottom Line

This slot was a pretty cute premise actually, even though the game is higher variance than I like. If you have a dry spell without Cowboy symbol wins, your bankroll will drop fast. But on the flip side, a big triggering win can create a big win during the bonus spins. So just be careful with your budget, and Wild West can be a fun choice.

As usual, check the list below to see which online casinos in New Jersey offer this game. The list is updated whenever the availability changes.

Wild West

Wild West

Developer: NextGen
Paylines: 10
Min Bet: $0.20

Play at:
Golden Nugget
Pala Casino
Also at:
Ocean Resort Casino
Hard Rock

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