New Jersey Online Casino Signup Bonuses

Online casinos want you!  And they’re willing to pay, in the form of signup bonuses that encourage you to register an account and make your first deposit.

In this post, I go in-depth with the current offers from 888 Casino, Betfair Casino, and Borgata Casino.  I will explain the terms and conditions surrounding the bonuses, and help you decide how to use them to increase the chance of being a winner.

The Quick Summary

Casino Offers
Checkmark $20 Sign up Bonus Play Now
at Borgata!
Checkmark $10 Sign up Bonus Play Now
at Betfair!
Checkmark 100% Deposit Match, up to $1000
Checkmark $10 Sign up Bonus Play Now
at 888!
Checkmark 100% Deposit Match, up to $300

Fine Print: Mine and Theirs

Bonus offers are subject to change.  While the information I present is accurate as I write this, the casino websites are the only definitive source of information on what bonuses are available, and how they work.

Speaking of the casino websites, reading the fine print about their bonuses is enough to give you a headache! I will try to present the requirements of each bonus in a way that’s easy to understand.

Borgata $20 Bonus Details

I will begin with Borgata, because their $20 signup bonus is the largest of the free bonuses, and it is also the easiest to use.

Register an account, and visit the Bonus tab in the casino to get $20 credited to your account. The money is only available for use in slot games, but the wagering requirement is simply to play through the money one time.

Make $20 worth of bets on slot games, and whatever your balance is after that, you are free to play any games with it or withdraw it.

That’s it… Sign up and get $20 of free spins on slot games.

While Borgata does not offer a special bonus on your first deposit, I found that after depositing one time I began receiving email offers of extra bonuses. For example, today I got an offer to deposit $50 and get a $60 bonus added. The terms for these bonuses are just as easy.

Borgata’s bonuses are the simplest and easiest that I have seen in New Jersey.

Betfair $10 Bonus Details

The Betfair signup bonus is a free $10. Register an account, and the $10 will automatically be added to your balance.

You can use the money to play any game, not just slots. But there is a catch… Anything that you win cannot be withdrawn until you have made a real money deposit.

Still, it’s $10 free. Play whatever you want, for as long as you want.

Betfair First Deposit Bonus Details

The first deposit bonus at Betfair is a 100% match of your deposit amount, from $50 up to $1000.

I like the Betfair bonus system, although it is confusing at first.

The match bonus is not immediately added to your balance, but is instead released over time as you play. As you play and meet the wagering requirements, the bonus will just appear in your balance. For each $1 you wager at slots, $0.02 of bonus will be added to your balance. (Roulette takes $2; blackjack, video poker, and most table games take $10.)

This is a slow process. If you play slots, you will have to play 50 times the bonus amount to release the entire bonus. That is, if you deposit $100 and get a $100 match bonus, it will take $5000 in slot bets to have the entire $100 added, one small bit at a time.

So, why do I like this approach? Because there is no confusion about how much of the balance is really yours. Basically, as you play, your balance just gets a boost every now and then. Your entire balance is available for withdrawal at any time. (Well, technically, you have to play through each bit of awarded bonus one time, but you won’t notice that.)

I like to think of this kind of bonus as extra cashback. If you play slots, you’re getting 2% of your action added back. If you play table games, it’s 0.2%.

In my opinion, you should always accept any bonus offered at Betfair under these terms. It’s extra money to help your results. There is no downside.

888 $10 Bonus Details

To get the free $10 bonus at 888 Casino, just register an account and check your email for a link to add the bonus to your account.

While the $10 is helpful to try out the games, the bonus requires a substantial amount of wagering before you can make a withdrawal.

If you play slots with the bonus, you will need to make $480 in slot wagers (30 status points) before you can make a withdrawal. Clearly, you’ll need to be lucky to make the $10 last that long.

If you play blackjack or video poker, the wagering requirements are 10 times as much, requiring $4800 in bets (300 status points). Roulette and poker table games are in a different category, requiring $2400 in bets.

My advice is to use the $10 on slots. Making small bets will give you a chance to try out several different games. If you are lucky enough to complete the withdrawal requirements, that’s great. But plan on just having fun with it, because most players will lose the $10 before they play enough to withdraw it.

888 First Deposit Bonus Details

If you decide to make a deposit, now you have a decision to make. If you plan to play a good bit, it’s well worth getting the 100% match on your deposit. But if you think you may want to play only a little before withdrawing your balance, you may be better off without the bonus.

Of course, you can withdraw your initial deposit at any time, but any bonus withdrawal is subject to the requirements.

When I signed up at 888, the deposit bonus was not available yet, so I didn’t have a chance to decide. But, if it had been available, I would have used it. I would have planned to play some slots and a lot of blackjack and video poker, even though the wagering requirements on those games are higher.