Trending Game Counts – New Feature at NJOC

GameCounts-250Check out our latest feature page, where we track the trend in game counts at each of the NJ online casinos.

Visit NJ Online Casinos – Compared by Game Count to see a real-time list and graph of the casinos along with how many games they offer in each category.

As I write this, the graphic shows a couple of interesting things. While Golden Nugget remains in the lead for total game count, the fastest mover in the late summer months has been Caesars who have added almost 50 games, just since mid-July.

Resorts and Mohegan Sun deserve the total of most improved. In fact that pair of casinos are in second place overall at the moment, and could well challenge Golden Nugget for the crown soon.

Also notice that the table of current game counts links directly to our game listings at NJOC, where you can see exactly which games are offered at each casino. Click around a bit on the new page and you’ll see what I mean.